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Hi we’re NutShed,

At NutShed we specialise in wholefoods, and creating delicious, nourishing eats for your body & soul. We believe in eating consciously + are wholly committed to a life of decadent, virtuous treats without gluten, dairy or refined sugar.

Available in some lovely salad bars, coffee shops and food halls or at our base in Limerick’s Milk Market, where we appear every Saturday morning with our many  creations, rawbs, plant based treats, peanut butter & wholefoods which we import exclusively ourselves.

Drop by and say hello or if you’re wondering where you can find us, email us at

Evie & Eliza x

What We Make

Peanut Butter

This liquid gold is made fresh by us on the reg & goes into our peanut butter rawbs, peanut butter raspberry sqs and into jars, so we can spread the love.

We eat it every day, in everything from porridge to satays to rice bowls.

Amaranth Granola

Amaranth is high in protein and contains  no gluten, it also provides a boost of iron, magnesium & zinc. Amaranth has a similar composition to quinoa but is even more nutritious. We’ve popped some and roasted the rest in coconut oil & honey to make this crunchy, popcorny granola.

Use 1-2 tbsps on top of your porridge or smoothies or just eat as a snack!

Superfood Mix

Bee pollen, goji berries, chia, hemp, cacao nibs + mulberries. These superfoods are loaded with nutrients including protein, iron, vitamin C & magnesium.
This mix is our favourite!

Sprinkle 1-2 tsps on your porridge, yogurts, smoothies, or this is especially delish on salads!


Raw Balls

Made by hand using the best nuts, seeds & wholefoods,
our Rawbs get their sweetness from dates & never anything else.

Eat mid morning, post workout or just because they are delicious.

Our Favourites

Cacao + Orange
Cacao + Coconut
Peanut Butter
Hemp + Goji
Lemon + Turmeric

We like to challenge ourselves to create new and exciting variations

Come pop by our stall on Saturday mornings in Limerick’s Milk Market and tell us your favourites.

or let us know
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The epitome of virtuous decadence, our treats are always made without gluten, dairy or refined sugar using only the best wholefoods we can find. They are nourishing and totally satisfying.

Our Favourites

Raw Caramel Square
Peanut Caramel Square
Raw Rose Brownie
Beetroot Brownie
Carrot Cake + Coconut Cashew Frosting
Mocha Bean Cashew Cheesecake
Raspberry, Rose + White Choc Cashew Cheesecake
Hazel + Cacao + Atlantic Sea Salt Tart