At NutShed, we live and breathe peanut butter, of course, but it just so happens that it is so delicious drizzled over roasted vegetables, especially naturally sweet squash and root veg. This sweet & spicy recipe brings a whole lot of flavour to the table as part of a lunchtime spread but is equally delicious as a simple weeknight dinner with jasmine rice.

Ingredients .

1 medium sized squash

3 garlic cloves crushed

Olive Oil

Sea Salt & Black Pepper


80g NutShed Peanut Butter (any flavour)

1 tbsp soy sauce (or tamari if GF)

1/2 tbsp sesame oil

1/2 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp sunflower oil

To Serve

Finely chopped scallions


Toasted white & black sesame seeds

Rāyu / chopped red chilli

Cut the squash in half lengthways, remove the pips and cut into half moon slices.

Toss in a bowl with a generous glug of olive oil, black pepper, sea salt & a few garlic cloves. Give it a good rub & turn out onto a baking tray and lay the squash flat.

Pop into a hot oven at 180c for around 30 minutes, turning once & remove when the squash is soft & has taken some colour.

While your squash is roasting, mix all the sauce ingredients together in a bowl & set aside.

Simply tower your squash onto a plate and dollop generously with the peanut butter sauce & all the toppings.