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Peanut Butter Subscription (12 months, payment upfront) €190.00

190.00 inc. VAT

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Give The Gift of Gold This Christmas.

Two jars (280g ) of NutShed Peanut Butter straight to your door every month for a whole year, delish!

As a thanks for joining our peanut butter subscription, have a NutShed Peanut Butter enamel pin, wear with pride and become a NutShed ambassador. Let us know your shoe size and we’ll also gift you a pair of the comfiest NutShed Socks, designed in Ireland, with makers in mind!

Leave us a little note specifying whether you’d like to go all out smooth or crunchy, or a mix of both.

This price is a once off payment and includes shipping. Add coupon code ‘Shipping Included’ to avoid flat rate fee at checkout.

If this is a gift please leave us a little note and free of charge, we will post you a NutShed Peanut Butter Subscription card to give to that lucky person in your life .

Give the gift of gold this Christmas!

To all those NutShed Peanut Butter fans who can’t live without, we hear you and we’ve got your back!

Sign up to our NutShed Peanut Butter Subscription and get two jars of our NutShed Peanut Butter delivered straight to your door, be the envy of your office or your home or simply gift the NutShed Peanut Butter fanatic in your life.

This liquid gold is made fresh, fresh, fresh by us  on the reg back at NutShed base. No added oil, specially not palm oil! We slather it into our treats, but also glug it straight into pots now so you can use it in your cooking –  from porridge to satays to rice bowls. On toast with  banana and raw honey? Edible heaven.

Original (the schmoooth) : Peanuts lovingly roasted to golden,  a dusting of sea salt, a touch of natural vanilla extract and – sorted! Then we grind and grind away till super super creamy

Crunchy Honey Roasted: Raw peanuts, drizzled with honey and roasted till caramelised. We chop them fine and fold them back through our NutShed original peanut butter