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Our Story

Us, in a nutshell

Hey, we’re Eliza and Evie Ward. Sisters and food makers from Nenagh, Tipperary.  BTW, we do much more than nuts and we don’t have a shed. The name just came to Evie in a dream one night.

Sometimes just like that, life does the deciding. Like why great food’s our passion. Brought up not just on it, but in it,  we’re two peas in our family pod of food fanatics.

So here we are, on a never-ending quest to feed you all with the best plant-based foods we can think of; rawballed, cookied and caked up to our taste-buds,  and when we’re not making food, spending waaaay too much time doing things like inventing tongue twisters for our NutShed Peanut Butter:

Evie picked and packed a bit o’ NutShed peanut butter but ‘er sister ‘liza came and packed the peanut butter better


It seems like everywhere we click someone is telling us how we should and shouldn’t eat,

Sooo boooring. To be honest, we just believe that food is basically great. We think therefore we eat. All different foods for all different times: we love the way it brings people together and we love how it makes us feel.

We eat for our minds, for our environment, for our guts, for our happiness and for every day! When you eat consciously, there’s no such day as a cheat day.

Starting out we asked the important questions, like ‘ how can we eat more cake?’

From a family of feeders

Our parents came from farming families, where food was sourced, grown, cooked, cherished and chomped with gusto. As toddlers we hung securely on our mom’s hip as she stirred pots for thousands of jams and chutneys harvested from the hedgerows of Tipperary.

Our dad can talk for Ireland and for over 37 years he’s been doing so behind the counter of Country Choice in Nenagh, selling edible gorgeousness. We grew up knowing our foods by the seasons and the names of the people that produced them.

There was a wholesomeness we felt every time a customer or producer walked through the door,  as if we were all together in our family kitchen.

Our Journey

Though we took our early food fantasy flights round the family shop, we first went duo together on the festival circuit. So while you were getting all frolicsome, we were packing vans and trailers and heading off with our teams to make sure you got some good food into your faces come the party times.

In the meantime we totally neglected ourselves, surviving (as one can) on fizzy drinks and snack sugar-highs.  And we were burning out fast, despite all the fun. 

Then Evie started to make food for the road, out of nuts, seeds, dates and cacao that soon became our own “electric picnics” on the reg. After which it was, like, woohoo, somebody stop us, and it seemed like some idea worth sharing.   The rest of the story is for you to lap up, on the shelves of cafes, food halls and homes across the country. 

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