NutShed’s Guide to Food & Coffee Shops in Limerick.

Since moving to Limerick three years ago it has been a real joy living so close to the city centre. Limerick’s Georgian streets mirror those of Dublin’s and on foot the details and intricacies can be enjoyed, adding character to the more unassuming places. Whilst Limerick’s city centre has grappled over the years with a certain mass exodus to the suburbs,  it’s city centre has some really great gems that we enjoy weekly as we amble in and out from our home.

Canteen, Catherine St

Start the day in Canteen. It’s where everyone does. If there’s something great happening in the city, you’ll hear about it in Canteen! From 8am rain, hail or shine Canteen is open , grinding coffee, toasting local sourdough and poaching eggs. When we first moved to the city we were drawn to Canteen for its seriously good coffee but it soon became the place where we got to know the wonderful people of our new city. Years later and we are happy to call Paul the owner one of our great friends. Lunch is busy and bustling and the odd pop-up allows us to enjoy some casual food with delicious natural wines on a school night.

Rift Coffee, Mallow St.

Located around the corner from  Canteen and founded by the ever lovely Dalton. If Rift was a coffee, it would be an espresso, small and punchy. The coffee is perfect, the music is jazz, the bench outside is one of the best spots for people watching, the cakes are indulgent and on Friday nights you’ll find us sitting with a crew, drinking some special organic and biodynamic wines to cheers to the week just gone.

No. 13 The Factory.

The Factory is cool and minimal in design and swiftly managed  through busy periods by Meg and her dynamic team. Large sharing tables welcome rugby players and office workers alike and at busy times the queue could be out the door. It’s a beautiful leafy cycle by the river from the city centre straight through UL and to the factory door.  It’s our meeting spot or our pit stop on the way out to HQ.


This cute little sun trap on Little Ellen St is where you’ll meet the lovely Paul behind the counter. In this concept store you’ll find  so many gorgeous irish producers of art, craft, food & clothing. Cloud picker coffee on the bar. The perfect spot to pick up a little thank you gift, or something beautiful for your home.

The Commercial Bar.

Across the road from Canteen, boozy pop-ups tend to end over in The  Commercial.

Recently renovated, depending on the day, you’ll find music downstairs in The Record Room, or exhibitions upstairs in the gallery. There’s a lovely spot for reading by the stove too.

Tom Collins.

Guinness, out the back in the lane, enough said. A legendary local bar, quaint and traditional, another haunt on Catherine St.

Milk Market:

You don’t know Limerick until you know The Milk Market, and after 150 years, all of the city has a story or a memory attached to this place. There’s nothing you cant buy here. From flowers, to chainsaws , to raw milk or champagne, this eclectic market begins while most of you are sleeping, you’ll find our stall here and our parents market shop too