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Our Food

Where nurture meets nature

From our fresh peanut butters to our handmade range of raw treats, we take plant-based food in its purest form to a whole other level of divine.

Seriously life-enhancing recipes take time, and we take it nice and easy, layer by layer, step by step, so our lovely, quality ingredients have time to produce the best of flavours. Slowly we grind, combine and roll our way towards the sweetest, super-nice conclusions that are totally free of gluten, dairy or refined sugars.

From the NutShed kitchens in Nenagh, Tipperary we reach out with our wholesome treats to cafes, salad bars, food halls and homes up and down the country.


A Bit o’ Better Peanut Butter

This liquid gold is made fresh, fresh, fresh by us  on the reg back at NutShed base. No added oil, specially not palm oil! We slather it into our treats, but also glug it straight into pots now so you can use it in your cooking –  from porridge to satays to rice bowls. On toast with  banana and raw honey? Edible heaven. 

Fun fact: On our sampling stalls we like to ask are you smooth or are you crunchy? Our people are religiously one or the other.

Original (the schmoooth) : Highest quality, single origin, whole peanuts lovingly roasted to golden,  a dusting of sea salt and – sorted! Then we grind and grind away till super super creamy

Crunchy Honey Roasted: Raw peanuts, drizzled with honey and roasted till caramelised. We chop them fine and fold them back through our NutShed original peanut butter

Get that golden glow now

Is there Life Beyond the Rawball?

We doubt it somehow…Like all the best series, they’re getting a cult following. These little orbs of energy, with sweetness lent by organic dates are hand-rolled at NSHQ using the earthiest whole-foods: seeds, nuts and fruit. 

Coconut & Cacao: Date, almond and raw organic cacao base, rolled aaalll about in coconut shreds

Orange & Sesame: The same base, but this time with fresh oranges, dipped in wicked lil’ sesame seeds

Lemon & Turmeric: Cashew and date base, zinging with lemon and healing turmeric – bit of a game changer TBH

Peanut Butter Balls: Squidged full of our NutShed Peanut Butter, made fresh for every batch, organic dates, sea salt. A fan favourite

Hemp & Goji: Date base, loaded with goji berries and hemp seeds -an easily digestible protein, full of Omega 3s and 6s – and raw organic cacao to deepen the earthy flavour

Shop so you don’t drop

Squares with round haloes

Handmade and hand-cut these snacky squares are sweet and tasty as a nut and square as a shed. Satisfying like hell, tempting as the devil, but full of the most virtuous ingredients. Religiously gluten, dairy and refined sugar free!

Raw Caramel Square: an almond base layer, our fresh, homemade tahini and date caramel, topped with lashings of smooth cacao and nibbley little cacao nibs

Peanut Caramel Square: these rock that more-ish salted caramel flavour. Same base, with an added nutty layer of golden-roasted organic peanuts and flakes of  sea salt

Beetroot Brownie: the OG OGs and still untouched and as gorgeous as ever. Irresistibly fudgy, rich, dark and decadent. A veg-tastic blowout of organic irish beetroots and organic cacao

Peanut & Raspberry:  Made with mountains of our own fresh NutShed peanut butter, bulging with raspberries and sneaky chickpeas for extra plant protein. Ridiculously sweet and sticky.

Embrace our right-angles

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