When we worked at festivals we fed everyone who had weekends off. We watched them from afar as they sipped their coffee, crunched on their toast and laughed with their friends. Festivals were great but there was no doubt, slow Sunday mornings looked very appealing.

For the first couple of years after we started NutShed we spent every Sunday in our borrowed kitchen. We started early and finished late, covered in dates with a light dusting of cacao on our cheeks. We dreamt of the day we would have a Sunday of leisure and of course, with the idea of Sundays of leisure came the possibility of occasional Saturday night drinks. Sure we’d gotten the odd taste, we knew what it could be like, but to have one every week, imagine! It was the stuff of dreams.

Here we are in 2019 and things are good. We have our own kitchen and an amazing team, and for the most part, Sunday mornings are ours, and never to be taken for granted.

Here are the things we like to eat:

Bread bread bread

‘All sorrows are less with bread’ – and it’s true.

Real, good bread is to us, an essential part of living, find your local sourdough baker and befriend them. If you don’t know what to do with it we recommend toasting a thick slice, on the pan if you can take the time, and covering in lashings of Nutshed peanut butter, a drizzle of raw honey and some sea salt. Make sure you’re hitting wall to wall with your pb, nobody wants naked corners. This is eaten at any stage of the spread, but a dessert slice is quite a lovely thing. If you’re very serious about dessert toast check out our NutShed Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ganache Toast recipe.

We always make sure to have loads of bread for scarpetta, to mop up everything at the end of your meal, see; tomatoes


It would be dramatic, but fair to say our year revolves around tomato season. We crave them all winter because a) nothing compares to a summer tomato and b) when the sun comes out and sweetens them up real good, it’s warm enough for late evening dinners outdoors with pals.

We roast them in quarters in a deep dish, drizzle with Second Nature organic rapeseed oil, the best vinegar you can get your hands on, (we love Sotaroni 12 year old), flakes of sea salt and black pepper, then pop in a really hot oven until the tips take colour. Finished with a few leaves of basil ripped on top if we have them to hand.

Eliza Ward is the queen of tomatoes, if you ask her the trick she’ll say ‘season, then season again’.

Fresh Herbs

On everything. Basil, coriander, flat parsley, chives, dill and rosemary are our favourites.


Good mushrooms are great mushrooms, we fry them up on the pan in batches with garlic and plenty of sea salt and black pepper and afterward top them with a big handful of chopped parsley.

We love Ballyhoura Mushrooms , they’ve the richest flavour and weirdest varieties, which is exactly what we want from our mushrooms. They also make the most incredible umami powder, which is a pantry staple.


It’s no news that leftover potatoes are wonderful things. We love them sliced thick, fried in rapeseed oil until crispy and golden, and topped with plenty of seasoning and chives. We make double what we think is needed, as half are always devoured before they make it to the table.

Potato cakes are just as good, mash up the potatoes, season and add flat parsley. Dust in a little flour & fry on both sides in rapeseed oil.


If eggs are your thing, make sure and try get them straight from the source. At Sunny Meadow Farm in Portumna the chickens peck around your feet from the moment you open your car door. They’re fed organic food and do not receive antibiotics, animal by products, gmo’s or hormones. Their mobile houses are pulled by tractor each week to ensure they have fresh grass and they are free to roam on pasture that offers various herbs and clovers, happy chickens!


Nutshed Peanut Butter

It’s no surprise we love peanut butter, Nutshed peanut butter to be specific. We roast peanuts until they’re golden and blend them up to make delicious, smooth liquid gold. We eat this every single day and Sunday is no exception.

Country Choice Marmalade

When we were growing up, our mom used to make thousands of jars from home and the smell of pots of oranges cooking in the Aga filled the house for weeks at a time. Marmalade on toast brings us right back there, it is a smell and taste that fills us with nostalgia and warms our hearts. 

Rebel Chilli Barrel Aged

Paul makes great hot sauce and we always have it on our table. This hot sauce has been “aged in a West Cork Distillers’ barrel, that has produced some of Ireland’s finest whiskey, for 62 days during which it absorbed the beautifully rich flavours from the wood”, and it’s delicious on just about everything. You can’t argue with that.